hand plays (hand dancing series)

Hand dancing series (16 pictures). I developed the dances of hands as if they were portraits focusing my research on the hand ability to grasp the void or the passing of time.
I am interested not only in movement, but also in people’s mania, dancers’ rituals and puppeteers warning-up… I took an interest at about the same time in pre-written postures for traditional dances that artists have repeated tried to improve throughout their lives.
By dint of hard work on sign language, I ended up making X-ray photographs with four hands simulating the analysis of movements… it mimics Marey or rather, Eakins. Then I’ve finally captured the X-rayed movements.

L’usage de la radiographie sur le corps humain à des fins non médicales est interdit, article L1333-11 du code de santé publique, mention ASN