hand plays (shadow play series)

Shadow play series (14 pictures). An X-ray practice is somewhat similar to a cave where a form turns into a shadow on a wall. All radiologists experience this, since they are led to check the negative of what will be X-rayed: a lamp in the heart of the X-ray apparatus delivers the rays; a shutter through which the rays are projected forms a window of variable size which determines the surface of the object to be exposed to them. For example, a hand that acts as a barrier to the rays will leave an imprinted on a phosphorus plate which is determined by the density of its constituents. These images should be accessible to everyone, not just specialists, for decipherment. According to them, there is something transcendent in miming a wolf or a deer with the bones of one’s hands. It is even more delectable as the shadows challenge the precept that it will define itself as the outline of a silhouette.

L’usage de la radiographie sur le corps humain à des fins non médicales est interdit, article L1333-11 du code de santé publique, mention ASN