Wontsay [ dirapa .] 1997-2000. Electrical and mechanical mobile slowly crawling back at a regular pace, whirling around a swivel axis, embedded in a stone base. Dia.: 5 to 6 meters. Endowed by Technotol S.A. photos Jean-Luc Boutard.
Ground under nails. 2001. Sculpture and dance performance. Duo with Valérie Lamielle, 35’. Performance presented by Engrenages Coprod. Lamielle / Centre dramatique national d’Alsace / Pôle Sud. Video: 4’36”.

The insect on its back, a prisoner of its shell under the influence of gravity, struggling to turn over to resume its journey, is the basis for this work. The figure of the insect is the image of a primary fear, that of the swarm, the disturbing influence of an invisible world, ultimately small, unfolding in untimely proportions.
Once set up, this sculpture creates a last-minute change, as if this machine was to question our submission to the environment, to a context. It is therefore not a noisy or infernal machine, the purpose being to evoke those little twists of life that will make it inevitably taste somehow different. The purpose is also to adapt the sculpture for a dance duet with Valérie Lamielle, which turned out to be the logical extension of this proposal.