the dance of St. Vitus

The Dance of St. Vitus (or how to dismantle the mechanisms of fear). Mutzig 2005 and Monflanquin 2007. Plastic and sound devices for 13 ready-made Walkman, for 30 hands 15 voices. Endowed by the Région Alsace, UFCV and la DRAC Aquitaine, French Minstry of Culture, scool of Monsempron and Pollen. Vidéo 3’54

Initially, the objective was to record all the rehearsals for a festival of contemporary music to make a recording representing a concert of all the concerts. It turned into a plastic and sound creation on fear, thanks to the participation of 13 young people seeking to reinsert themselves in the community. On that occasion, each of them recorded personal fears about their future to attempt to dismantle the various sound engines. The sole purpose was to have it dance along other frantic players.
This concert addressed an audience and at the same time offered the possibility of overriding one’s personal problems and changing one’s perception one’s environment and oneself. In fact, these experiments helped to overcome the feeling that one had failed by leaving the door open to curiosity and spontaneity. The only objective was to rediscover the feeling of what it is like to do and to be… Strange for a walkman… isn’t it ?!