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I am mainly interested in flexibility and plasticity between different worlds which is why I don’t manipulate one technique only. My objective is rather to build bridges between various disciplines.
I have a bias regarding the material or objects I use. I dismantle the mechanisms of what I call “modified presences” which, to my mind, are improvised representations (such as images, words or behaviors) of our daily lives, or personal experiences (i.e., our emotions or even our body) that we use as filters often to conceal our real self. They stand between us and an overwhelming reality we can’t control. The problem is that the existence of these small ephemeral negotiations, as difficult to grasp as an ice cube, burn your hands while melting in your fingers. They are all encrypted, fragile, wedged between support and projection, according to the importance of the commitment or the distance separating each of them.

In opposition to this, I think that an image must appeal to the eye and awake our consciousness as to our weaknesses. Between past fascisms and new forms of fundamentalism, the image has become a weapon of massive desocialization. The less we know the vision devices, the more some may make a bad use: for exemple we see people every day certify and move at once, or to pass their point of view for neutral or objective …
My point is to unvail the mechanisms underlying representations from the point of view of materials or objects I use. Be that as it may, these negotiations always stand between “I” and “us”. I need to see how they reflect and distort what makes it “me”, or what differentiates “me” from “others”. It’s my way of calling into play the fire that drives us… in order to discover another distance with what motivates these perceptions.