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Marc Ferrante, visual artist.



– Collective exhibition, DJtal Humain, Ergastule, Nancy.
– Collective exhibition, “Œuvre en main(s)”, curated by M. Millot-Durrenberger, Galerie In Extremis, Strasbourg.
– Current research residency with a research team from INSERM.
– Mentioned with Hausmann, Man ray, Brassaï… for his current work of experimental photography, Online course (MOOC) about “History of Photography”, Réunion des musées nationaux, Paris.
– Winner of the Académie Rhénane art Prize, 2017, solo exhibition and lecture, Strasbourg.
– Collective exhibition and conference, Conrath room, city Hall, Strasbourg art photography.
– Collective exhibition, Conference, “Stigmates”, Marcel Burg’s collection, In Extremis, Strasbourg.
– Collective exhibition, La Kulture gallery, Strasbourg.
– Collective exhibition, Jeux de mains… jeux de vilains, Françoise Paviot Gallery, Paris.
– Personal exhibition, in connection with Pictures of body, Museum of natural history, Nancy (F).
– Personal exhibition, Le préau, IUFM Lorraine, Maxéville (F).
– Personal exhibition, Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg.
– Collective exhibition, “Irony and death”, Apollonia, Strasbourg.
– Collective exhibition, Galerie Ritsch-Fisch, Strasbourg.
– Personal exhibition, Nei liicht, Dudelange, Luxembourg (L).
– Collective exhibition, X-ray men, Galéria Nessim, Budapest (H).
– Personal exhibition, Artem, Quimper (F).
– Collective exhibition, galerie Monos, Liège (B).
– Collaboration with S.O.U.P.E Company on 2 puppet shows, Strasbourg.
– Personal exhibition, la Châtaigneraie, International Biennial of photography, Liège (B).
– Personal exhibition, Centre Culturel André Malraux, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy (F).
– Perfomance, Concert for 100 virtuosos, Collective exhibition, galerie de l’Escalier, Brumath (F).
– Résidency in Madagascar, installation in situ, Mananjary (MD).
– Résidency (educational) in Monsempron-Libos with Pollen, Monflanquin (F).
– Conference for a panel of hand surgeons, university Hospitals, Strasbourg.
– Résidency (research) in International Center of puppet, Charleville-Mézières (F).
– “Caps”, video, vox pop and happening, UFCV, Mutzig, Sélestat, Strasbourg.
– Performance and sound, “Dance of St vitus”, concert for 26 hands, UFCV de Mutzig.
– “The more the merrier”, Happening in the street of Strasbourg / gallery l’Escalier, Brumath/
on stage, National Young PublicTheater, Strasbourg.
– Installation and trap walker, “Lark circus”, l’Over-forest, Schwabwiller (F).
– Collective exhibition, ” Art for 20 bucks” Interface Dijon, Galerie des grands bains, Marseille (F).
– Personal exhibition, “Knucklebones”, CCI, FRAC Alsace, Ministery of culture, DRAC, Strasbourg.
– Provisionnaly, support for the creation of the Ministery of culture, DRAC Alsace.
– Show dance-sculptur with a dancer V. Lamielle, Pôle Sud, Strasbourg, CCAM, Vandœuvre…
Theater, Vanves, Paris… (F).
– Happening, cook, Prime time, FRAC Alsace, Sélestat (F).
– Personal exhibition, “Hiccup on Rattle”, object and performance,Galerie d’art, Mourenx (F).
– Curating and has organised exhibitions for others artists for 5 years, Stimultania, Strasbourg.
– Collective exhibition, Artists folders, Rhinoceros,Strasbourg, Besançon, Lille and Saarbrücken (DE).
– Conference with Canistris, Manuscripts Room Vatican, Master 2, Visual Arts, University of Strasbourg.

Marc Ferrante live in Strasbourg, France.